vacaNCIES 2018

Are you looking for work experience in the cultural sector? Come and join our team! We are looking for volunteers to help with promotion, education, hospitality and production. Are you joining us? Apply before September 30th. Meetings are in October and in November you’ll start work (promotion starts in October).

We are very proud of the fact that we can work with a very enthusiastic and ‘gezellig’ team of volunteers every year: without you the exhibition wouldn’t be possible! That’s why we put a lot of time and care into prepping volunteers, trainings and meetings. Apart from learning about the photo’s and running an exhibition, it is super fun to join us: you’ll meet lots of new people. And who knows which (famous) photographer or ‘industry professional’ you’ll walk into during the exhibition!

From September 9th till December 2nd Stichting Wereld Pers Foto Groningen (WPFG) will bring the world famous World Press Photo exhibition to Groningen for the 15th time. Leading up to the exhibition you will be following fun and extensive trainings; during the exhibition you will be gaining work experience as part of a wonderful team; and we will conclude this edition with an evaluation and drinks.
Because Groningen is becoming more and more international, there will also be several positions available for people who don’t speak Dutch (yet): you can apply for the hospitality, promotion and production team. This is why the trainings will also be given (partly) in English. Language no problem; everybody can join!


When joining the production team you’ll get the opportunity to work under instructions of one of the World Press Photo Exhibition curators and help build up the exhibition. You will learn a lot about how to handle the exhibition panels and how the exhibition is organized. You will help with building and dismantling the main location and some other events. Besides that, there will be some cleaning and storing chores and technical jobs for the handy people. The production coordinator will guide you in these tasks, which will let you gain a lot of technical knowledge. Language no problem.

Members of the education team will engage in conversation with visitors about the photo’s and the stories behind them. You will be present at the exhibition in the morning or afternoon, and guide school classes (high school, MBO, HBO and University students) and other visitors through the exhibition. You will participate in several trainings where you will learn about the photo’s and how to give a guided tour. You are expected to be available at least 5 shifts in the period of November 9th till December 2nd. The shifts are from 09.45 till 14.00 and from 13.45 till 18.00. There are a few shifts from 17.45 till 22.00 for which you might have to be available.
We are looking for easy-going people who can communicate with a very diverse audience. Interests in arts and culture, hospitality and an open attitude are important. If you are interested, there is also an option to help out with the Kids Corner. Kids Corner shifts are every saturday and sunday from 13.00 till 17.00. Please note you need to speak Dutch for this position. If you aren’t sure your level of Dutch is up to standards for this particular job, just get in touch and we’ll figure it out together.
As part of the hospitality team you are the first point of contact for our visitors. You’ll receive guests during events, tend to the exhibition and work the register. We are providing several trainings in which you will learn how to work the register and get instructions on tending the exhibition and the building. You are expected to be available at least 5 shifts in the period of November 9th till December 2nd. The shifts are from 09.45 till 14.00 and from 13.45 till 18.00; and 17.45 till 22.00 (a few times). As a host you’ll get the opportunity to help at special events like a portfolio-review night, photoclub-evening and a film viewing event. Language no problem.
As a member of the promotion team you are responsible for distributing flyers and posters for the World Press Photo exhibition. Besides that there are a number of online promotion sessions and you are actively helping us think about how to promote the WPFG activities to the public. Own initiative is much appreciated! For this position we are looking for active people who enjoy approaching people. The flyers will be distributed from October till December, so send us an email and we’ll let you know when you can help us out. Language no problem.
As a volunteer at WPFG you are part of a real volunteer community with regular meetups including a video-evening, drinks and trainings. You will meet new people, learn a lot about photojournalism and will see how a big event is organised. Other advantages:
  • enthusiastic and dynamic organisation which values its volunteers;
  • the opportunity to be part of an ideological initiative and a fun team of volunteers;
  • the opportunity to develop yourself and gain relevant work experiences;
  • the opportunity to meet (famous) photographers and the opportunity to expand your network with partner-organisations and photographers;
  • the opportunity to participate in the training programs for education volunteers to give guided tours of the exhibition;
  • a look behind the scenes of a cultural event with over 5000 visitors each year;
  • free entrance to all WPFG events, including the VIP opening, guided tours and lectures;
  • a letter of recommendation on behalf of WPFG (provided that you finished the training program);
  • an invitation to the closing party for volunteers in December.
Interested? Send an email to our volunteer coordinator Marlie via JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING, before September 30th. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, we are more than happy to help you.
WPFG 17 Vrijwilligers Meeting 12 okt by Jethro Bijlevleld10122017 small
A delegation of our volunteers team 2017 during the first meet-up at Minerva Art Academy. Photo by in-house photographer Jethro Bijleveld.


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