World Press Photo Groningen (WPFG) has been exhibiting the world-renowned World Press Photo Competition in Groningen since 2004; an exhibition that stands for democracy and freedom of the press for everyone. In addition to the exhibition, WPFG focuses on talent development for (aspiring) photographers and people with artistic ambitions within the cultural field. That's why we offer photo workshops and volunteer positions with extensive training and work experience.

WPFG also aims to increase attention to international press photography, thereby stimulating debate on current global social and cultural issues. To this end, WPFG offers a stage for the exhibition of photographs, a wide range of educational activities, like lectures, tours and an educational programme for students.

 "We are a young team dedicated to art with a mission. Our foundation builds on the ideals of World Press Photo (WPPh). As a platform for visual journalism, WPPh promotes democracy and press freedom for everyone. Additionally, we make a connection to Groningen, through our own program and exhibition. WPPh has a global mission for photojournalism, we have a local mission for talent development. We try to help further develop everyone involved with this wonderful event: work experience for our volunteers, brand awareness for our photographers and stories to reflect on for our audience."

Andrea Hooymans (General DIrector)

Maarten de Kok WPF Opening 5
The 2018 team: (left-to-right) Rosanna Stek (Education), Amber Barelds (Education and Hospitality), Jantine Verver (Publicity), Andrea Hooymans (General Director), Emil Borgesius (PR), Fred Dijkstra (Financial Director) en Marlie Wabeke (Volunteers)


General Director: Andrea Hooymans
Financial Director: Fred Dijkstra

TEAM 2018

Head of production: Marlie Wabeke
PR: Emil Borgesius
Education: Amber Barelds
Publicity: Camilla Spadari
Production coordinator: Wiktoria Walecka
Hospitalitycoordinator: Amber Barelds

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