The World Press Photo exhibition will be on display in Groningen from Friday 9th November to Sunday 2nd December at the Synagogue of Groningen. The annual photo contest rewards photographers for the best single exposure pictures contributing to the past year of visual journalism.

World Press Photo 18 is an intrigiung photo exhibition with the best current press photographs from 2017. The exhibition consists of portraits, documentary photography and news images. World Press Photo selects the most intruiging, extraordinary and high-quality images in visual journalism each year. Photographers throughout the world send their best photographs with the hope of winning one of the following categoties: nature, sport, daily life, news, people, contemporary issues, long-term projects, spotnews and, since 2018, environment. The winning photo’s of the World Press Photo contest go on an exhibition tour around the world, visiting some 45 countries and reaching an audience of 4 million people. Read here more about the contest.

WPFG is the only organization in the North of the Netherlands organizing the exhibition. Thousands of people come to Groningen every year to visit this magnificent news-overview with stories from all around the world. WPFG adds local exhibitiona, lectures, guided tours, and many other activities to the exhibition. The details will be announced in september.

Opening Sven Sleur

Photo: Sven Sleur